“The Perfect Mirror, Reflections on Truth and Illusion” is a book collecting 33 short yet powerful articles written by Australian monk Ven Thubten Gyatso.

I am so grateful for Ven Gyatso’s blessing to allow me to copy his articles here for sharing with everyone who’re interested in a beginners guide to Buddhism and Buddhist thoughts.

I have personally benefited greatly from this book, and actually believe The Perfect Mirror to be one of the main benefactors to have helped through my dark days of business failure, depression and rebirth. Even when I suffered a heart attack later on, it was this book that was by my side, and I always feel a true warmth from picking it up, looking at the list of 33 stories, and choosing what I felt close to heart at that time. The book always seemed to give me an answer, like a mirror of myself, and till today possibly because my knowledge of Buddhism is still in a beginner phase, I still feel I have so much to learn from this book.

How to Read the Book and Articles

There are two very nice ways of reading The Perfect Mirror. One is treating it like a nice story book, and starting

No doubt, many of you readers have great insight and knowledge of Buddhism, so much that it will help if you picked on the articles that y


The Warm Heart